Mitsubishi Adds Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Soundbar And More To New HDTV Line

When you think of HDTVs, you probably think of names like Sony, Vizio, Toshiba or Sharp. Maybe even LG. But Mitsubishi? It's true, they make televisions, and some pretty high-end ones at that. The company hasn't really had a super high profile TV since the LaserVue set a few years ago, though that one didn't exactly take off due to the prohibitive MSRP. Aiming to hit a sweeter pricing spot, the company has introduced their third-generation Unisen Immersive Sound LED TVs, which do a lot more than just show content coming from your cable box.

This new line is centered around a 55" LED TV (sizes from 40" to 55" are available) with a 1080p panel, but what makes them stand out from the rest is the massive soundbar that's built into the bottom. All told, there are 16 total speakers that reproduce 5.1 channel surround sound, so buyers of this wouldn't need to invest in a separate sound system. The other big new feature is StreamTV, which does what it sounds like it would. This TV is Web-compatible, so when you plug in an Ethernet cable to get it online, StreamTV allows viewers to see all sorts of online content from Vudu, Pandora, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Associated Press, The New York Times, etc.

If you don't have a hard wired connection nearby, the built-in Wi-Fi will take care of that for you. There's even Bluetooth streaming, which is very rare to find integrated on a TV. This allows users to send audio from their iPod Touch, cellphone or other device right to the television. And really, this is all just the tip of the iceberg; the company's other lines offer somewhat less features with a lower MSRP, all of which is detailed just below.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Announces Its 2010 Unisen Immersive Sound TVs

New Edge-Lit LED Line-Up Includes Wireless Streaming Internet Media and New 55-Inch Screen Size

IRVINE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Apr 08, 2010 Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. today unveiled the third generation of its one-of-a-kind Unisen™ Immersive Sound LED TVs. The 2010 line is packed with significant, new features and supplants last year's 52-inch models with a slim, impressive 55-inch screen size. Each new premium LED TV delivers the optimal blend of superior picture performance with unparalleled immersive sound technology, providing viewers with a complete sensory experience. Unisen will allow consumers to enjoy concert quality sound in their homes without the clutter of separate home theater components. The Unisen Immersive Sound LED TV 2010 line-up will feature screen sizes ranging from 40 to 55 inches.

"Our unique brand of Unisen Immersive Sound LED TVs fill a significant void in the marketplace, by providing consumers with an efficient, streamlined home entertainment experience," said Max Wasinger, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "Unisen continues to stand out in the endless sea of flat panel TVs, by uniting beautiful LED edge-lit imagery with fully integrated, multi-speaker immersive sound technology."

Key features for 2010

* Edge-lit LED: This cutting-edge backlighting technology bends and diffuses light for a sharper, brighter image. An added bonus: The arrangement of the LEDs along the edge of the screen makes an ultra-thin profile possible. LED-lit TVs are also more energy efficient than conventional CCFL backlit LCD TVs.
* Immersive Sound Technology features 16 intelligent speakers that direct perfectly balanced audio waves beside and behind the user to reproduce 5.1 surround sound and create an unparalleled entertainment experience. Through the use of an advanced algorithm, the sound technology delays the sound beams and projects them independently from the 16 speakers at varying intervals, to create fully immersive surround sound.
* StreamTV™ gives viewers instant access to an extensive library of high-quality entertainment and social media content. Grab your Unisen remote and choose from over 100 different streaming applications, including Vudu movies, Pandora, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Associated Press, The New York Times and more.
* Integrated Wireless Internet allows for seamless connectivity to your wireless home network, to stream your favorite movies and music from the internet to your Unisen Immersive Sound LED TV.
* Bluetooth Audio Streaming lets you wirelessly stream audio from any Bluetooth® A2DP device (such as an iTouch/iPhone or Blackberry) to your Unisen TV. Now you can listen to your favorite music through Unisen's Immersive Sound Technology, and still take your playlist with you wherever you go.

All 154, 164 and Diamond 265 series Unisen Immersive Sound LED TV models for 2010 include Edge-Lit LED Backlight, Multi-Speaker Immersive Sound Technology with Variable Subwoofer Output and Center Channel Mode, StreamTV™ Internet Media, new Thin Depth Design, True120Hz, Energy Star™ 4.0 Qualified, Clear Contrast Panel, Plush 1080p® 5G 12-bit Digital Video Processing, 6-Color Processor™, 4 HDMI™, Deep Color™ and x.v.Color™, Easy Connect™, USB Media Input, and Detachable IEC Power Cord.

The MDEA 164 series is available in 40, 46 and new 55-inch screen sizes, and in addition to the features above, includes 16-Speaker Immersive Sound Technology, Built-in Wireless Internet, Bluetooth A2DP Audio Streaming, EdgeEnhance™, DeepField Imager™ and Advanced Video Calibration.

The MDEA Diamond 265 series is available in 46 and new 55-inch screen sizes. In addition to all features within the 154 and 164 series, each Diamond model includes 18-Speaker Immersive Sound Technology, True240Hz, new Thin Depth Design with Blue Light Accent, Plush1080p® 5G 18-Bit Digital Video Processing, iPhone Remote Control App, Audio Calibration Microphone, Perfect Color™, PerfectTint™, ISFccc® Advanced Video Adjustments, NetCommand, and Wired IR input.

"It's true that, for 2010, we're taking sound and picture quality to a higher level, but the core strength of the Unisen Immersive Sound LED TV line remains the same," says Frank DeMartin, vice president of marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "We're giving consumers the television experience of an ultra high-end home theater system, seamlessly integrated into a sleek flat panel package you can only get from Mitsubishi."

Availability and Suggested Retail Pricing

154 Series
LT-55154 - $2,499.00

164 Series
LT-40164 - $1,699.00 LT-46164 - $2,099.00 LT-55164 - $2,699.00

265 Series
LT-46265 - $2,499.00 LT-55265 - $3,199.00