MIT Develops Android Optometry App

For those of us with bad vision (really bad, in our case), the optometrist is an annual ritual. The researchers at the Camera Culture team at MIT's Media Lab have developed an Android application to make optometry nearly a self-diagnostic procedure.

What they have developed is an app that uses a set of lines and dots that a user manipulated while looking through a $2 “eye” which was created out of the technology of a holographic barcode scanning device previously developed by MIT. Before you ask, it's Android only.

What a patient does is to continue to adjust the image things comes into focus, and viola, you have a prescription. Unfortunately, the Nexus One shown doesn't also make the glasses or contacts, so you're stuck with that aspect.

Obviously, this is targeted for developing nations. Meanwhile, one has to ask why Apple never saw this coming. Ugh.

Watch a video, below: