Mininova Begins Filtering Copyrighted Torrents

While The Pirate Bay is perhaps the best known of all the BitTorrent tracking sites, Mininova, based in The Netherlands, is the biggest. And like The Pirate Bay, it's facing litigation. Now just a few days before their court appearance (May 20th), Mininova has started to filter content.

The site is using a third party content recognition system that will detect and remove torrent files that link to copyright infringing files, as well as prevent them from being re-uploaded later.

This is precisely the type of filtering that BREIN, a Netherlands anti-piracy group is trying to force Mininova to do via a civil court case. Until now, Mininova would take down copyright infringing content, but only after a DMCA takedown request was submitted.

Reaction to the blog post announcing the "trial" was universally bad, with commenters generally saying "bye, bye" to the site, and one lengthy comment being:
sorry to hear you are crumbling to corporate will.

i guess the powers that be will never truly understand they should embrace this technology rather than shun it. i would rather pay money to download a file then rent it, and a movie rental should be like 99 cents not 5 bucks.

and try making a movie worth seeing while your at it.