Minecraft Developer's Scrolls Title Hits Open Beta on June 3 for PC and Mac

Mojang, the developer that brought Minecraft to the masses, originally wanted to launch Scrolls, a card collecting strategy game, at the end of April. That didn't happen, though Mojang has committed itself to a release date, announcing that Scrolls will launch in "Open Beta" on June 3 for Windows and Mac OS X.

Ahead of the launch, Mojang has put together a mini-guide detailing basic gameplay elements. It's a short read filled with in-game screenshots and one that's definitely worth going through if you plan to play Scrolls next week. There's also this teaser video:

You'll be able to play against others online, as well as trade cards from any of the decks you build. The battlefield consists of hexagons, and while you can only place units on your side of the field, you can cast spells from anywhere, Mojang says.


There will be five different game modes to choose from, including a tutorial mode, trials (play a series of custom matches to refine your skills and get gold), quick matches (played against AI opponents), challenge matches (played against friends), and ranked matches.

The introductory price is set at $20.