Mimobot Launches Old School Transformers USB Drives

Whoa there fella, is that a Transformer you have there in your pocket, or are you sporting a raging...oh, it is a Transformers USB stick! Lucky guess, except that we cheated and read Mimobot's press release introducing its new USB drives featuring retro Transfomers styling.

"We are stoked to welcome the iconic Transformers characters Optimus Prime and Megatron to the Mimobot family," said Evan Blaustein, CEO of Mimoco. "We hope fans worldwide enjoy the collaboration which also features our most extensive preloaded media suite to date."

The funky looking drives are shipping now in2GB ($23), 4GB ($28), 8GB ($45), and 16GB ($60) capacities and come with character-specific content including wallpapers, icons, avatars, screensavers, digital editions of comics, and other digital extras.