Microvision's SHOW WX Pico Projector Shipping Soon

Ah, the pico projector. About a year ago, you couldn't look over your shoulder without seeing yet another company come forward with a 640x480 projector that could be shoved in the average pocket, but now that the novelty has worn off, just a few outfits are sticking with it. One of those determined companies is none other than Microvision, who has today delivered an anticipated update to the device it first showcased during CES 2009 in Las Vegas.

The planet's first laser-based pico projector, which will be called the SHOW WX, is based on its own proprietary PicoP display engine technology. When it was originally launched, there was no firm ship date; now, we're being told that this device should start making its way out into retail within the next several weeks. Microvision is hoping to distribute its accessory pico projector product through three sales channels: OEM branded products, Microvision branded products sold through international distributors and Microvision direct sales through its online store.

Reportedly, this PicoP engine is said to be quite the show-stopper. Rather than stopping at 60" or 80" as most others in this class do, the SHOW WX can project an image as large as 150". It's a plug-and-play unit with TV-out/VGA functionality, but exact specifications are still being withheld. So, is this the device that finally makes you buy into the pico projector? Maybe that depends on the still-unknown price, huh?