Microvision Adds HDMI Port To SHOW WX+ Pico Projector

Pico projectors haven't exactly had the easiest time gaining ground. They're still around, sure, and new ones are still coming out, but they haven't been the second-coming of mobility in the same way that super-power smartphones and tablets have. That said, Microvision is moving in the right direction, adding an HDMI output to their newest SHOW WX+.

The newest pocket PJ offers 15 lumens of brightness, a 5k:1 contrast ratio, and even an internal battery. That offers 2 solid hours of projecting without the need for a wall outlet, and thanks to the HDMI output, video mirroring on HDTVs should be too much of an issue. The PJ itself will display an 848x480 resolution, but that seems like the biggest bummer. At this point, we certainly wish 1080p was commonplace on these things, and until it is, we suspect they'll have a difficult time catching the eyes of consumers.

If you're thinking that this is good enough, however, it can be pre-ordered now for $370.
Tags:  display, Projector