Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Continues To Grow

According to one report, Microsoft’s app store known as the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace may now have 25,000 applications. In comparison to Apple’s App Store, this figure may not sound like much.

The Windows Phone App List claims the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has 25,076 applications. According to WP7applist, however, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace only has 24,878 applications, and 4,044 of those applications are “inactive.” Regardless, one thing is clear: the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is growing.

When Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 last year, the marketplace had only 1,000 applications. By March, the store had reached 11,500 applications. Although the Windows Phone 7 platform may not have as many applications as iOS or Android, Microsoft has repeatedly focused on quality over quantity.

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