Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Timeline Feature Won’t Be Ready For Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 Action Center
When Microsoft officially announced the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update back in early May, one of the most highly anticipated features was Timeline. Similar in concept to “Continuity” integration with iOS and macOS, Timeline allows you to start a task on one Windows 10 device, and complete the them without missing a beat on a completely different Windows 10 device.

Unfortunately, it appears that Microsoft won’t be able to deliver Timeline… in time for the next major Window 10 release. “Timeline won't be in the Fall Creators Update,” said Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore on Twitter. “We're planning for it to be in early insider builds shortly after Fall Creators Update is out.”

Now before you get the idea that this is a delay on the part of Microsoft, the company issued a statement following Belfiore’s tweet to explain that Timeline was never originally intended to arrive with the Fall Creators Update. Instead, the company writes that it “wasn't a delay, just a bit of confusion on wording." Belfiore himself attempted to clarify himself in subsequent tweets, writing:

Whatever the case, it is definitely disappointing news for folks that were under the impression that Timeline would arrive with the Fall Creators Update (we certainly were), which will reportedly land sometime in September.

Timeline integrates into the Windows 10 task switcher, which gives you a clear layout on all running apps across all of your open Windows 10 sessions. It can also keep track of documents you have open, or even emails that you are currently composing.


There’s also a complimentary feature called Pick Up Where You Left Off, which leverages Cortana technology, allowing you to resume activities on not only other Windows 10 devices, but also iOS and Android devices. By using Cortana, which has to be installed on those competing platforms, you’ll be able to quickly start a Word document on your Surface Laptop for example, and put the finishing touches on it with your iPhone 7 smartphone while on the go.

While we mentioned that Timeline is similar to Continuity, it is far grander in scope thanks to its cross-platform nature.