Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Stepping Down As Chief Software Architect

All good things, as they say, must eventually come to an end. Even for high ranking officials at Microsoft. The world didn't end when Bill Gates decided to call it quits, and we suspect that Microsoft will forge ahead even with Ray Ozzie, but it will be a different company without him in the office. Ray Ozzie is Microsoft's Chief Software Architect...or, he was. Steve Ballmer penned an open letter today that basically announced Ray's departure, and if you weren't paying attention years back, Ray actually took over for Bill Gates way back when.

Ray is largely credited with pushing Microsoft into a world dominated by cloud services, and now that storage is moving from local to cloud in a big way, he looks extremely prophetic. Ray will be leaving his role but remaining with the company as he transitions the teams and ongoing strategic projects within his organization.  Following the natural transition time with his teams but before he retires from Microsoft, Ray will be focusing his efforts in the broader area of entertainment where Microsoft has many ongoing investments. Beyond that, Ray is announcing no public plans.

Interestingly, Ballmer has noted that he will not be filling the CSA position once Ray leaves. Again, it'll be quite different with him no longer around. Farewell Ray, and thanks for bringing attention to the cloud we're so fond of today.