Microsoft's Office 365 Opens For Beta Testing

Ever tried Microsoft's Office 365? Now you can! The company's long-awaited cloud productivity suite is now ready to be used, with the service opening up on Sunday night for beta use. Final launch is still slated for sometime later in the year, but this opening is a major step towards that goal. Office 365 is designed to help small, medium and large businesses that would rather not handle so many administrative duties in-house. Instead, Office 365 allows those duties to be ushered in the direction of Microsoft.

It's a bundle of always-on online services that tie into the company's Office software and should enable access to "work, contacts, and calendars from your desktop and mobile devices, including Windows Phone 7, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones." Some of the features sound awfully similar to those offered by Google. Things like simultaneous editing, shared storage space within the cloud and tools for managing sites. It's available now if you're looking to take a spin; let us know how it shakes out for you.