Microsoft's New LifeCams Go To 720p: Your Makeup On?

Many people forget that Microsoft is a hardware company as well as a software company. There's no question that Windows, Windows Mobile and now Windows Phone 7 Series gets the majority of the attention, but the Zune HD, their line of mice and keyboards, and even their webcams are certainly deserving of a look. Today, the Redmond-based giant is expanding their LifeCam lineup, and for those who like the idea of video chats in HD, you'll probably be snapping one up to sit on top of your monitor.

The latest three LifeCams feature TrueColor Technology, with the LifeCam HD-5000, LifeCam HD-5001 and LifeCam HD-6000 for Notebooks sporting 720p HD sensors and AutoFocus technology. Pricing and details for the family are highlighted below, but just make sure to deactivate whichever one you buy when you don't want to be on camera. Wouldn't want to be accidentally seen without your morning makeup, right?

Today Microsoft Hardware announced three new LifeCams featuring TrueColor Technology, a groundbreaking image-processing technology that produces a bright, colorful picture in even the most challenging light conditions. Microsoft developers and researchers created TrueColor Technology to enhance color during video calls, and by combining software and firmware, TrueColor makes each video look bright and colorful in virtually any lighting situation.

·         The LifeCam HD-5000 features a flexible attachment base to fit on most surfaces, and is the only webcam on the market to offer 720p HD widescreen video and Auto Focus for under $50. Exclusive to Best Buy, the LifeCam HD-5001 includes all the same great features as the LifeCam HD-5000, but will have a custom design with a white faceplate. Both will be available later this month for $49.95 each.

·         The LifeCam HD-6000 for Notebooks includes TrueColor Technology, 720p HD widescreen video, Auto Focus and a compact design and carrying case that is exclusive to notebook users. For the ultimate viewing experience, the LifeCam HD-6000 features a 360-degree rotation view making it even easier to share more with friends and family. It will be available in May for $59.95.