Microsoft's Bing Enjoys a Second Good Week

For quite some time now, Google has enjoyed the top spot in terms of search traffic. As you can imagine, Microsoft is not content to simply exist in another company’s shadow, so the company has been attempting to put a dent in Google’s search traffic with a new search engine of its own. Microsoft’s Bing search engine launched June 3rd. While Google is still No. 1, Microsoft has enjoyed two continual weeks of growth according to industry tracker comScore Inc.

According to comScore, Microsoft’s share of search result pages in the U.S. rose to 12.1% for the period of June 8-12. A week prior (June 1-5), Microsoft enjoyed 11.3% of the search result pages. Prior to Bing’s introduction, Microsoft enjoyed only a 9.1% share.

“It appears that Microsoft Bing has continued to generate interest from the market for the second consecutive week,” said Mike Hurt, comScore senior vice president. “These early data reflect a continued positive market reaction to Bing in the initial stages of its launch.”

The big question is whether or not Microsoft can hold on to these gains. While many people may like the new search engine, there are still plenty of users that are in the habit of using Google. And, as we all know, habits are hard to break.

It’s still very early in the game, but things are looking positive for Microsoft.