Microsoft Wants You to Trade in Your iPad for Big Discounts on Surface

Microsoft is banking on disgruntled iPad owners to help the company clear out its stockpile of unsold Surface tablets before the launch of Surface 2. How so, you ask? By offering to buy your Apple tablet. Bring your "gently used" iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4 to one of Microsoft's brick-and-mortar retail locations and trade it in for a minimum $200 gift card to use towards the purchase of a Surface.

You can use the gift card towards any of the "cool products at the Microsoft store," though the Redmond outfit is heavily pushing the promotion towards trading up (down?) towards a Surface RT starting at $349 or Surface Pro starting at $799.

Surface Promotion

It's an interesting promotion for a number of reasons. First, we're sure there are some iPad owners who are ready to jump ship from iOS, but will they want a Surface tablet? Secondly, the timing of the promotion comes just ahead of when Microsoft is supposed to launch its second generation Surface products (Surface 2 RT and Surface 2 Pro).

In any event, the promotion runs until October 27, 2013 at "select" Microsoft retail stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.