Microsoft Unveils Interactive ESPN and NFL Apps for Xbox One

Microsoft has always worked hard to pitch its Xbox 360 console as more than just a gaming box, but a legitimate media center, and those efforts continue with its upcoming Xbox One due out in November. Putting its money where its mouth is at, Microsoft in May announced a multi-year partnership with the NFL to bring exclusive interactive football experiences to fans at home on the Xbox One. Today Microsoft unveiled a few more details about that partnership.

The NFL app on Xbox One will deliver to users interactivity to live games, stats, scores, highlights, and Fantasy Football teams together on the TV.

NFL App on Xbox One

"Xbox One will personalize your NFL experience, for your team, with the best content the NFL has to offer including, NFL Network, and NFL RedZone," Microsoft stated in a blog post. "Whether you’re watching the game or not, Xbox One makes it easy to keep tabs on the league with Snap mode. You can watch live TV, play games, or watch movies, while simultaneously tracking your Fantasy Football team, or checking in for the latest scores and stats."

Microsoft also confirmed an all-new ESPN app for the Xbox One. It will have deeper sports content personalization, giving you immediate access to the teams and sports you care to follow. You'll be able to watch highlights, live events, and on-demand sports in full screen mode, while receiving personalized scores and stats in Snap mode.