Microsoft To Offer Two-Step Security For Online Accounts In Coming Days

Extra security is always nice, isn't it? Particularly in a world where cyber attacks are becoming all the more common. These days, it feels like every major cloud service provider is either offering a two-factor authentication protocol, or planning to. Following the likes of Google and Apple, Microsoft is now rolling two-step login procedures out to select online accounts. Over the next few days, a "major upgrade" to Microsoft's account will roll out, and the most important addition is the inclusion of optional two-step verification to help keep your account more secure.

Everything from your Windows Phone, Xbox,, Skype, SkyDrive and Office accounts will be able to be that much more secure, and if you haven't considered it due to it "being a hassle," you should probably re-think just how big of a hassle it'd be if someone were to gain access to those and wreck your digital life. You should see this option show up in your account in the next few days. You can enable this capability at