Microsoft to Drop Xbox 360 Support in 3 Years

The Xbox One looks on paper to be a worthy successor to the Xbox 360, though some may find the console cost prohibitive with a starting price tag of $500. That's especially true if you just dropped a chunk a change on an Xbox 360 bundle. That's fine, you don't need to rush out and buy an Xbox One on day of release if you don't want to, though in three years, you'll have extra incentive to upgrade.

Microsoft said it will stop supporting the Xbox 360 beyond 2016. In other words, no more security updates or compatibility patches, which means you're a sitting duck if you continue to use the console online beyond its end of support date.

Xbox 360

In the meantime, Microsoft said it's going to launch 100 games for the Xbox 360 within the next three years, so it's a bit of a mixed message the company is sending. With new titles coming out, you'll have 100 reasons to hold onto the Xbox 360 for a few more years, though not a moment longer.

Are you planning to buy a next generation console? If so, which one?