Microsoft Skype Coming Soon In 3D To A Screen Near You

If talking to someone on the other side of the world in 2D has got you down, you'll be happy to know that Microsoft has some big plans to change that in the future - and yes, Skype is involved. The idea is that with a 3D chat, it should feel more like you're actually "there", or at least give you an enhanced perception that you are.

Microsoft notes that pulling this off isn't going to be easy, and hardware is almost entirely to blame. While 3D monitors and televisions are a dime a dozen (alright, not quite), 3D capture devices certainly are not. It's clear that we will see these creep up more and more as time passes, though.

The fact that Microsoft is backing 3D chat with Skype is reason enough for vendors to begin taking it a little seriously, because if Skype offers support of it, with its fifty bajillion subscribers (estimated), then it's clear that the market for 3D cameras is going to have some serious potential.

That said, there is the concern that 3D technology as a whole is suffering dwindling interest. While 3D TVs are very common, content really isn't, and most people I know are indifferent to the tech, preferring to limit it to the cinema, where the view encapsulates you.

Are you anxious to talk in 3D to friends and family on Skype, or are you perfectly content with flatness?