Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger, Replacing It With Skype

It is hard to believe that it has been almost two years since Microsoft had announced that it was replacing MSN Messenger with Skype. When the announcement was made, many expected it to be integrated with Skype. But instead, it has continued on since then, though the service was mostly kept alive in China. However, Microsoft has finally announced that it is pulling the plug on MSN Messenger on October 31.

Until then, those who visit its official site to download the instant messaging software will be greeted with a message that the service is shutting off and that users should download Skype. Anyone still using MSN Messenger will have their contacts automatically moved to Skype.

MSN Messenger was first released back in 1999 and was Microsoft’s equivalent to AOL’s AIM service and ICQ (both of which are still up and running). In 2005, Microsoft changed its name to Windows Live Messenger and continued to update the client.

How many of you used MSN Messenger? And do you know anyone who still uses it?