Microsoft Says: Me Too

Microsoft has an application to deliver rich media on the Web, designed to go head-to-head with Adobe's popular Flash program.  They call it: Silverlight.

Key [A manager at Microsoft]said Microsoft is targeting three core audiences with Silverlight, formerly code-named WPF/E: content providers that want to distribute video and rich media over the Web; designers and developers that are building rich interactive applications; and end users that want the best possible experience when viewing Web-based media.

Silverlight is compatible with a range of browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Firefox. As demonstrated by Key, the technology delivers a similar user experience on both IE 7 running on Windows Vista and Firefox running on an Apple Macintosh computer. In fact, a big benefit of the technology for end users is that they will not have to download different video player technology to view online media based on what OS they are running, Key said.

Microsoft wants to bundle Silverlight with other MS applications  in their "Expression" toolset and compete with Adobe's Creative Suite 3.  Good luck  with that. Adobe's way ahead. When did Microsoft become the plucky little guy? Demonstration  at the end of April, availability announced then.

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