Microsoft Rewards Celebrates 50 Years Of Star Trek With Galaxy-Class Bonus Points

The Star Trek 50th anniversary celebrations just keep on comin’. Now, Microsoft Rewards is offering bonus points for select Star Trek movies and television shows. The company is “thrilled to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek with this bonus Microsoft Rewards offer, giving you the chance to relive your favorite moments from the classic franchise.”

Customers can earn 500 points for selected movie rentals, 3,000 points for selected movie purchase, and 4,000 purchases on television series purchases. This offer excludes single TV episodes, games and music. Customers could even pre-order Star Trek Beyond or the tree-movie collection. The offer is only available in the United States and for a limited time.

star trek

What was previously known as Bing Rewards has been rebranded as “Microsoft Rewards”. Customers can earn rewards by using Bing, Edge, and making purchases through the Microsoft or Windows stores. $1 USD is worth at least one point and one Bing Rewards credit is worth ten Microsoft Rewards points.

There are also two tiers in Microsoft Rewards. Tier 2 users can earn more points on Bing, save up to 10% on rewards from Microsoft brand, and will also receive “exclusive offers”. User must earn at least 500 points or points a month in order to maintain their Tier 2 status. Points can then be traded in for vouchers or credit to places such as Starbucks or Amazon. Star Trek purchases count towards this credit.

captain Jean Luc Picard

Other companies have also celebrated Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. Facebook greeted people who mentioned liking Star Trek on their Facebook page or status updates with the USS Enterprise and these users were able to add a custom Star Trek frame to their profile picture. Facebook also decided to incorporate Star Trek’s most iconic characters with its various “like" buttons.