Microsoft Re-Tooling Xbox, Skype and Bing Brand

Evolution is a natural thing in the world of consumer electronics, even when it comes to branding. A few months back, Microsoft ushered in a new logo for itself, relying on flattened squares that showcase a new push in design to take away some of the gloss and glitz that has cropped up in recent years. Now, reports suggest that Microsoft may be extending its design overhaul from Windows right on down to Bing, Yammer and/or Skype.

And the timing makes sense. A new Xbox is likely right around the corner, and it'd make sense if Microsoft were to get every one of its major product lines into a similar design theme. The new language is just simpler and cleaner. We see design trends come and go, and it's likely that these will feel "too simple" and need a tweak in 5-7 years, but for now it seems to hit the spot.

Reports suggest that Nike provided at least some of the inspiration, as well as a number of other companies that are changing their design language. So, what do you think? Is Microsoft moving in the right direction? And one has to wonder -- what would the new Zune logo look like if that were still around?
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