Microsoft Reportedly Forcing Windows Store App Updates On Windows 10 Home Users

With the amount of positive hype that surrounded Windows 10 well in advance of its launch, it almost seemed like Microsoft could do no wrong. That was up until the actual release, that is, when multiple caveats were revealed. The biggest one is no doubt the fact that users of the Home edition lack complete control over their updates. In effect, you're getting updated whether you like it or not. And there sure has been a stink raised about that.

Well, it just keeps on getting better. Now, it's been revealed that not only are security and feature updates mandatory in the Home edition, but so too are updates for the apps downloaded through the Windows Store. That includes those apps that ship with the OS, and those installed after-the-fact.

Win10 Update

Admittedly, auto-updating of Windows Store apps is much less of an issue versus driver or OS feature updates, but it still gives us a reason for concern. Even on mobile OSes, updates can be ignored until the time is right (unless of course you enable automatic updating). In fact, you could go forever without updating if you want to - that's part of the fun of being a power user, and that's the "fun" that Microsoft takes away with Windows 10.

According to a rep on an official Microsoft site, we could be seeing an update next month that allows users to disable automatic updating of the Windows Store apps, but whether or not that actually happens, we'll have to wait and see. Even if it does, it goes without saying that it'd only be a good start. Ultimately, users should have the same level of control over their updates as they have with previous Windows OSes. I feel as though if a continued stink is raised, Microsoft could very well backtrack on its current mechanism.