Microsoft Regains Position As World's Second Most Valuable Company

In a couple of recent Microsoft-related posts I've written, I've highlighted fact that the company's been doing quite well - and making some excellent changes - ever since Satya Nadella came on as CEO, Simply put, there have been way too many improvements made since that position shift to call it a coincidence.

With the help of the updated S&P 500 Index, we see Microsoft slide right on past Exxon Mobil to settle in behind Apple in the #2 position. Microsoft achieved this with its market cap of $408.7 billion - $6 billion ahead of Exxon Mobil. It'd be nice to see Microsoft continue its trend, and edge closer to Apple, but I'm doubtful the Cupertino firm is too worried at this point - its market cap is a staggering $669.6 billion.

With the trends we've been seeing, it seems unlikely that Microsoft's momentum will be dying down anytime soon. In the past three weeks alone, we saw the company begin offering unlimited storage to Office 365 customers, announce its plans to open source its .NET server-side software, assure Windows Phone 8 owners that they'll receive WP10, and along that same line, it also launched its first non-Nokia Lumia, the 535.

To say that Microsoft's been busy would be an understatement. Maybe Apple's market cap can be edged towards if this momentum keeps strong?