Microsoft Pushes 'Office Next' Blog Live Ahead of Office 2013 Launch

Rumor has it Microsoft will unveil to the world its Office 2013 (codenamed Office 15) next-generation productivity suite on Monday, July 16. In the meantime, the Redmond software giant has created a new blog called 'Office Next' that's being virtually penned by PJ Hough, Corporate Vice President of Program Management of Microsoft's Office Division.

"Welcome to the Office Next blog. I'm really excited to kick off this conversation and connect you with the engineers who are building future releases of Office—here, they'll discuss the improvements we make, the designs we choose and the data and feedback that inform our decisions," Hough writes in his introductory post.

Office 2013

The next version of Office is designed to integrate well with Windows 8, and according to Hough, it's "the most transformational release" he's ever worked on.

If you're a big Office fan, the Office Next blog is one you'll want to bookmark. The blog promises to provide updates and tips from Office developers, and can be used as a sounding board to provide feedback, whether positive or negative, which Hough says Microsoft uses to fine tune its products.