Microsoft Pounces on Naughty Skype Domain, Redirects to Bing

Microsoft didn't waste any time swooping in and snatching up the domain name after it became available, according to Whois records online. Fusible was first to discover the domain name registration and noted that it was redirecting visitors to its Bing search engine, though not Bing's homepage. Instead, it brings up Bing search results for SkypeSexFinder, which lists plenty of sultry links.

It doesn't appear Microsoft is trying to assist sex starved Web surfers with a fetish for Skype chat, and it's far more likely the domain grab was simply a preventative measure. If that's the case, Microsoft might be facing a losing battle because it can't possible lay claim to ever naughty Skype domain derivative out there, a task that's now twice as hard with the new availability of .XXX domains.

Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion in a deal it closed in October of this year. At the time, Microsoft said Skype was being used and "loved by hundreds of millions of people around the world."