Microsoft PC Pride Ad Hits, Sans Jerry Seinfeld

The third ad in Microsoft's massive ad campaign designed to enhance the image of the company and Windows has hit the web. If you remember, the first ad featured Jerry Seinfeld stumbling upon Bill Gates shopping in a Shoe Circus store for some discount shoes. The second ad also featured Bill and Jerry, but this time as houseguests trying to connect with an ordinary family.

The first couple of ads didn't resonate well with the general populace, however, and Seinfeld has been nixed--at least for now...

This latest ad (finally) directly addresses Apple's "Get a Mac" ads, and features a myriad of Windows users saying that they're PCs, and talking about what they do with their systems. The ad isn't terribly exciting or hard hitting, but it is definitely more effective than the first two ads. What do you all think?