Microsoft Opening Up Flash In IE10 For Windows 8 + RT

Adobe's Flash platform has been a hot button topic for years now -- arguably, ever since the iPad launched with no support for Flash-enabled Web pages. For Microsoft, it's a different story. The company has just published a blog post stating the following: "Starting tomorrow, we are updating Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and Windows RT to enable Flash content to run by default. On Windows 8, all Flash content continues to be enabled for IE on the desktop."

In other words, this is a change in the way Windows RT users will be able to see the Web, and one change that's certainly for the better. Microsoft notes that "the vast majority of sites with Flash content are now compatible with the Windows experience for touch, performance, and battery life," with that last one being most important. Flash has a tendency to eat away at battery life, but of late, things have been improving. The impending update will allow more sites to "just work" in IE10.

The company also states that "o the thousands of domains tested for Flash compatibility to date, we have found fewer than 4% are still incompatible, in the most part because the core site experience requires other ActiveX controls in addition to Flash." That's definitely progress, and it's great news for Surface RT buyers.