Microsoft Offers Free Xbox 360s! (With Purchase of PC)

In a promo that’s sure to encourage students to study very hard at their desks and not play their brand new Xbox 360s all semester, Microsoft is reprising last year’s offer of a free 4GB Xbox 360 for students with the purchase of a qualifying Windows PC worth $699 or more (in the U.S.) or $599 of more (in Canada).

“With all the hard work students put in for their classes in college, they need some downtime, right?”, said Brandon LeBlanc in a post on the Windows Experience Blog. “That’s where the Xbox 360 comes in! To blow off some steam, you can just hop on Xbox LIVE and play some Halo with friends and family far away or just down the hall.” LeBlanc also mentioned in his post that Halo 4 drops this fall, and you can preorder the game already.

First Semester's Temptation

If memory serves, we recall college dorm life consisting more of copious dorm hall gaming sessions (“blowing off steam”) than study sessions. Indeed, our freshman roommate may or may not have spent the entire first semester skipping classes to beat the latest Final Fantasy.

Remember, kids: The Xbox 360 is only free if you also go to class and study hard. Otherwise, it’ll cost your parents $30k in wasted tuition, room, and board.