Microsoft Offers Free Office Suite For Students With A Valid Email Address

Microsoft has a long history of heavily discounting its software for students and teachers, but its newest offer takes the price tag right off the popular Microsoft Office. If you are a teacher or a student who has a valid email address from your school, you may well be able to sign up for a free subscription to Office 365. The Office 365 Education For Students program starts today and finding out whether you qualify is a piece of cake.

Microsoft is giving Office free to many students  and will soon give Office 365 ProPlus to teachers.
As student discounts go, a free subscription to Office is a darn good deal. You get Word and Excel, of course, but OneNote (pictured) and Outlook are part of the package, too.

If you’re thinking: “What? Doesn’t Microsoft already give Office to students?” The answer is: sort of. It tried to do that with Student Advantage, but the program’s flaw was that the responsibility for getting Office to the students lay with the schools. With the new program, Microsoft is shouldering the work of distributing the software to students.

The Office 365 Education For Students program lets you download Office to up to five PCs or Macs and includes the Office apps for iPad and Windows tablets. The programs for your PC or Mac go beyond Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to include Outlook, Access, OneNote, and even Publisher. Microsoft also throws in a terabyte of OneDrive storage so you have a place to store all the documents you’re about to generate with your new tools.

Teachers and other school staff will be getting a similar program later this year, so long as their school purchases Office. The Office 365 ProPlus program is meant to give teachers the same Office software at home that they use at school. That’s a nice touch, considering how much time many teachers spend prepping for the following school day at home. The program will also include Office Mix for recording and publishing lectures.