Microsoft Launches a Tech Superhero Comic

Microsoft launches - not hardware or software, but a comic strip.

The daily Web comic, called Heroes Happen Here, features tech savvy crime fighters like Lord Firewall, who "stands between chaos and order" and says things like "begone vermin!"

Heroes Happen Here is sponsored by Microsoft and Seagate. If the name sounds familiar, it's because Microsoft has also dubbed its February launch event for the 2008 versions of SQL Server, Windows Server and Visual Studio as 'Heroes Happen Here.'

The HHH comic strips are being created by Jordan Gorfinkel, a former DC Comics editor who helped revitalize the Batman series. "IT pros and developers usually stay behind the scenes and keep a low profile, but in fact many of them are unsung heroes," said Gorfinkel, in a statement.

Hmmm. Holy antivirus!  Great Lords of Ethernet!  Ah, just doesn't work.

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