Microsoft in Search of Beta Testers for Next Security Essentials Build

Microsoft is looking to wrangle a handful of guinea pigs adventurous users to help test the next version of its 'Microsoft Security Essentials' (MSE) antivirus software. Beta registration for the next-generation build of MSE is currently open, and Microsoft said it will be selecting a "limited" number of people who will be notified when it's available for download.

According to Microsoft, the new build will sport a simplified user interface in place of the existing one that's already fairly easy to use. It will also feature a new and improved protection engine with "enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities," enhanced performance to minimize the program's impact on your system, and enhanced protection through automatic malware remediation that will "clean high-impact malware infections automatically, with no required user interaction."

If you're not digging the idea of beta software stopping malware dead in its tracks but are a fan of MSE, Microsoft says it expects to release the new version to the general public by the end of the year.