Microsoft Goes Into Detective Mode As Xbox Live Download Speeds Drag

If you've been experiencing super-slow downloads on Xbox Live, don't fret: you're not alone. That's the upside; the downside is that while Microsoft is on the case, it doesn't seem to understand the rhyme or reason behind the cause. If there's a secondary upside; you can at least relish the fact that it's merely slow, and not down entirely, as has happened before.

Xbox Live

It's a Sunday, so maybe you're lounging around waiting for Xbox Live to fully restore itself. If that's the case, you might be interested in helping Microsoft diagnose the issue. Misses Quinzel, an official support rep for Microsoft, writes:

Hey, guys! We're currently tracking this, but we need a few things from you to help us out.
First, give all of the steps on our Troubleshoot Slow Game or App Downloads on Xbox One page a try. If that doesn't help you out, please post back with your Region, your internet provider, and a screenshot of the advanced settings page for your network here: Settings > Network > Advanced. We'll be able to pass that information along to the appropriate people and work on getting this resolved. :)

Level3 Outages

As Neowin reports, this slowdown could be related to issues that the Level3 content delivery network is also experiencing, as seen in the shot above. If that's the case, it could mean that not everyone is experiencing downtime, but most certainly could.

Why do these things always wait for the weekend to strike?