Microsoft Gives College Students an Extra 3GB of Storage on SkyDrive for a Year

Most of us get 7GB of free cloud storage space on SkyDrive with a free Microsoft account, which includes free web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It’s frankly a pretty good deal, but Microsoft is hooking up college students with a slightly better one.

College students can get free 3GB of additional SkyDrive storage for a year. All they have to do is enter their .EDU email address at Sky Drive for Students to verify that they’re in school, and they’ll suddenly have 10GB of total free storage.

SkyDrive for Students

Once that year expires, college students will apparently be back to the same options as the rest of us again, which is 7GB free or 20GB ($10/yr), 50GB ($25/yr), or 100GB ($50/yr).

SkyDrive for Students banner
This is the actual banner image on the SkyDrive for Students page

(Side note: What is happening in the SkyDrive for Students banner? Why are these girls dinking around on their laptop and tablet in the middle of a campout? Why is one girl wearing rain boots instead of, say, hiking boots? And who is trying to kill them with colorful arrows?)