Microsoft Finally Launches Xbox One In China, Only 10 Games Available So Far

Last week, Microsoft had announced that it was delaying the launch of its Xbox One in China from September 23 to the end of the year. However, no sooner was the announcement made before the company then decided to release it on September 29. Well, Microsoft has stuck to its guns, making the Xbox One the first console to launch in China.

Consumers showed up at the midnight launch that Microsoft’s retail partners had organized in eight locations to purchase the Xbox One, with the Kinect, for 4,299 yuan ($699). A significantly higher price considering that the same edition costs $500 in the United States. Currently, the new console owners only have 10 video game titles to choose from which includes Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Dance Central Spotlight, Rayman Legends, Neverwinter Online, and Forza Motorsport 5.

Because of Chinese regulators being wary of games that feature violent content, popular titles such as Halo and Titanfall are not among the games available to consumers at this time. However, Microsoft says that there are 70 titles in the process of making their way over to the Chinese market which lifted its 14-year ban on consoles allowing Microsoft to be the first company to release its console. One such title Microsoft will most likely bring to China is its recently acquired Minecraft IP after the company purchased Mojang for $2.5 billion.

Since the launch of the current generation of consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox One has been trailing behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of sales. Earlier this year, Microsoft had revealed that it had shipped 5 million units to vendors while Sony announced in August that it has sold 10 million PlayStation 4s to consumers.

Do you think the Xbox One launch in China will be a huge success and give the console a much-need boost in sales?