Microsoft Faces Lawsuit Over Kinect Motion Sensor Technology

While gamers move and gyrate in front of Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor for the Xbox 360, the Redmond outfit will have to do some maneuvering of its court. A company called Intelligent Verification Systems claims in federal court that the Kinect infringes on a 2006 patent for an "Animated Toy Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Facial Image Recognition."

According to Courthouse News Service, the patent in question specifically calls attention to the technology's potential application for video games, video game systems, and other entertainment systems. The complaint states the invention was the first of its kind, and all previous facial recognition technology was found only in security related products.

Microsoft released the Kinect in late 2010, four years after Intelligent Verification Systems was granted its patent. The Kinect uses facial recognition and motion sensing technology to allow gamers to interact with supported titles and applications, including the system's dashboard, which Kinect owners can navigate by waving their hand. Microsoft was supposedly made aware of the alleged infringement a year ago, but ignored the letter it was sent.

It's unclear how much in damages Intelligent Verification Systems is seeking, and whether or not a product ban has been requested.