Microsoft Eyeing Yahoo! Again

According to a story reported by the New York Times, Microsoft and Yahoo! have re-entered negotiations for a proposed takeover.  Microsoft wants to acquire Yahoo! to better compete with Google in a number of on-line arenas.
"Stung by the loss of Internet advertising firm DoubleClick to Google last month, Microsoft has intensified its pursuit of a deal with Yahoo!, asking the company to re-enter formal negotiations, The Post has learned.

While Microsoft and Yahoo! have held informal deal talks over the years, sources say the latest approach signals an urgency on Microsoft's part that has up until now been lacking.

The new approach follows an offer Microsoft made to acquire Yahoo! a few months ago, sources said. But Yahoo! spurned the advances of the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant. Wall Street sources put a roughly $50 billion price tag on Yahoo!."

Don't worry, the article wasn't written by Jayson Blair, so it's probably mostly true.

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