Microsoft Extends Enticing 'Countdown to 2015' Deals Until January 6

Let's face it: the worst time of year for amazing deals to come along is smack-dab in the middle of the holidays, usually a point after which your wallet has turned bone dry due to all of the tears it's wept. Microsoft understands this, and sympathizes that you might need a little more time to recover. So, it's willing to cut you a break.

To do so, it's extending its 'Countdown to 2015' sale until January 6th, allowing you to somehow cough up even more money, or take advantage of some gift cards you were given over the holidays. While not all of the deals are that outstanding (I'm looking at you, Forza Horizon 2 and GTA V), some are quite attractive. Here's the entire list, courtesy of Major Nelson:

Xbox One Sale Major Nelson

If one deal stands out to me as being outstanding, it'd be Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, at 50% off. It's a fantastic Grand Theft Auto clone that takes place in Asia and differentiates itself by focusing more on hand-to-hand combat than weaponry. And, if you happen to be a completionist like me, you'll get many hours out of it (at least 60).

Other deals that stand out include the first episode to Tales from the BorderlandsAlien Isolation, and The Telltale Games Collection. Any deal is a great deal if you've actually been wanting a game, though, so if any of these grab you, be sure to snatch them up before the end of Tuesday!