Microsoft Enhances Windows 8 Mail, Calendar and People Apps

We know that Windows 8 is getting a facelift with Windows Blue sometime soon, but in the meantime, Microsoft is busily updating its apps with tweaks to make them work better and give users enhanced features. Starting today, you can download updates from the Windows Store for its Mail, Calendar, and People apps.

The Mail app now lets you filter for all unread emails; gives you enhanced abilities to create and move folders and items within folders; lets you flag important messages (and stashed them in a special folder); and allows you to better manage new emails and drafts of emails. There’s also enhanced email search functionality.

Windows 8 Mail

In addition to being a little easier to read with white blocks of text highlighted by colors, the Calendar app offers a Work Week view and accommodates scheduling assistants for Microsoft Exchange users. Users can also forward meeting invitations, email all personnel attending a given meeting, and more.

Windows 8 Calendar

Managing contacts and staying connected has become an art form, and to that end Microsoft has improved navigation in the People app by making it easier to swipe from the top to bring up app commands, the ability to quickly switch between your profile and your friends’ feeds, and the ability to post to your friends’ Facebook walls from the app and filter “What’s New” by social network.