Microsoft Elevates Azure Cloud IoT Services With Solair Acquisition

When we hear about IoT, or Internet of Things, it often relates to products like smart clothing, accessories or even home automation. But IoT can also play a major role in the enterprise space, as Microsoft has just confirmed with its acquisition of an Italian company called Solair.

In its blog post, Microsoft notes that Solair is well-established in the IoT space, having established itself involved in manufacturing, retail, food, and transportation. One of the things that no doubt stood out to Microsoft most about Solair is the company's appreciation for its Azure cloud platform, as all of its products revolve around it.

Tom Davis Solair
Solair CEO Tom Davis

Microsoft provides a couple of examples of where Solair has helped the industry at large in the past, which includes the Rancilio Group utilizing its product in the design of espresso machines, allowing the company to monitor customer machines to help improve its future products. Another example comes from Japan, where Solair's Smart Factory Advisor helps manufacturers monitor their production lines in great detail, ultimately paving the way for increased efficiency.

"From the very start, our mission has been to help customers quickly and easily gain access to the huge benefits of the Internet of Things," wrote Solair CEO Tom Davis. "By building our solutions based on real customer requirements that allow them to gain real value, I’m confident that Solair’s technology and talent will be able to make an important contribution to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite and Microsoft’s broader IoT ambitions."

With this acquisition having just taken place, Microsoft isn't revealing all of its cards quite yet. It clearly has big ideas for Solair, furthering its goal of attracting corporations to Azure. The company does note that it will have more to talk about "in the future", however, so now the waiting game begins.