Microsoft Deals Latest Blow in Cloud Storage War With 25GB Pro Accounts

Dropbox is still somehow getting by while only handing out a couple of free gigabytes to new users, but everyone else understands the reality: you either dole out massive amounts of cloud storage, or the consumer goes elsewhere. In the growing war amongst cloud storage lockers and the companies that run them, the ecosystem play is becoming ever more powerful. In order to sweep more people into its own camp, Microsoft has announced a major boost for SkyDrive Pro users.

The new SkyDrive Pro apps are now available in the Window Store and App Store, and moreover, each user will now get 25GB of storage -- up from 7GB. Plus, admins can increase a user's SkyDrive Pro storage beyond that, going as high as 100GB. Both new and existing Pro users will see 25GB by default. Furthermore, Microsoft is also increasing the overall file upload limit in SharePoint Online to 2 GB/file and the default recycle bin retention to 90 days (up from 30 days).

We suspect that a lot of these changes will trickle down to the non-Pro sector in due time. 25GB is nice, but when you're looking over at what Google charges for upwards of 1TB, we're sure the company knows that it'll soon need to do even more.