Microsoft Confirms April 3 Release of Star Wars Themed Xbox 360 Console

Is there anything more rad than a Star Wars themed Xbox 360 game console? Had you asked us that question three decades ago, we would have looked at you funny, asked what the frak an Xbox 360 is, and then inquired if they make a Star Wars version of the Atari 2600, the coolest game system on the planet back then. It's a testament to the Star Wars franchise that the brand is just as awesome today as it was back then, and even though we're now closer to the launch of the Xbox 720 than the 360, you can bet this Limited Edition refresh will find plenty of homes.

Perhaps in yours. You may have seen fliers at your local GameStop advertising the Star Wars themed console for the past several months, and we finally have a release date to share.

"Confirmed. The Kinect Star Wars Bundle will be available on April 3, 2012," Microsoft's Major Nelson announced via Twitter.
The bundle runs $449 and includes the Xbox 360 console with an R2-D2 makeover and custom sounds, C-3PO themed controller, a white Kinect sensor, Kinect Star Wars game, Kinect Adventures game, and a 320GB hard drive.

Microsoft didn't say how many it plans to sell so it's hard to tell if the Limited Edition status is anything to concern yourself with. If this is something you've waited 30 years for and absolutely don't want to miss out, you can put your pre-order in now for the $449 bundle at Amazon.