Microsoft Ad Uses Siri to Poke Fun at iPad

As much as I've wanted Microsoft to hit a homerun with its advertising efforts, I haven't been super impressed its commercials the past few years. I didn't really care to see Seinfeld shopping for shoes or Bill Gates talking about churros, neither of which were worthy retorts to Apple's Mac vs PC ad spots. And let's not even talk about Microsoft's ads in other parts of the world.

I bring this up because Microsoft's finally showing signs that it can produce a comical commercial that's both informative and disparaging of the competition, but in a tasteful way. Check it out for yourself.

One of the chief complaints about the iPad since its introduction is that it's poorly suited for productivity chores. Things have improved a bit since the first iPad, but here we are nearing a fifth generation iPad announcement and, for the most part, many of the same shortcomings exist. There's no microSD card slot, no USB port, and as the above video points out, good luck trying to edit PowerPoint presentations (it can be done, but the available options all have their shortcomings).

None of this means Microsoft can rest on its laurels. Though the ad makes a strong, albeit humorous point about the iPad versus Windows 8 tablets, the latter have yet to really resonate with customers. That could change as prices come down, but for now, the iPad is still the most popular family of tablets out there.