Micro 3D Printer Explodes Past $2.25M Funding On Kickstarter In Just Days

Remember that neat little Micro 3D printer that we covered a few days ago? The one that was looking for $50,000 in funding via its Kickstarter campaign? It was doing well out of the gate, nabbing about $1 million on its first day, but that frenetic pace has not abated much.

The current total in pledges is at $2.28 million and counting, and the campaign still has 25 days left to go.

The Micro 3D Printer’s appeal is obvious. It promises incredibly simple functionality, at least reasonable quality, a small size to fit comfortably in the home or office, and--most importantly--a relatively low price point.

Micro 3D Printer

It appears that the Micro 3D Printer could cost as little as $299, but that number is “for a limited time” according to the Micro 3D website. Still, considering how much cash the company now has coming in, it’s reasonable to expect that they could streamline manufacturing and possibly reduce the costs for end users.

Sometimes unbridled success on sites like Kickstarter can backfire, as some companies simply aren’t equipped to handle that level of financial success; we sincerely hope that the Micro 3D folks are ready.