Michael Dell Hanging Out On Street Corners with Mini 5 Tablet, No Watches Though

Michael Dell, it seems, likes to live with his upcoming products a bit before the company releases them to market.  Apparently, the casually unsuspecting Dell CEO decided he'd show off his goods to a passing-by member of the TechCrunch team.  And no it wasn't a Rolex knock off but perhaps something just as flashy.  The Dell Mini 5, as he called it, is a 1GHz Snapdragon-driven MID (Mobile Internet Device) running the Android OS.  It reportedly has a built-in 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.  Have a look-see...

The Mini 5 is a 5-inch tablet PC that is rumored to be selling for the hefty sum of over $1K but that's before contract with a 3G carrier of some flavor.  Please God, give AT&T a break...  Michael was kind enough to tell the probing TechCrunch reporter that the device would be available in "a couple of months".  Based on the fact that there's a snowy scene in the background, we can say that generally means we're looking a spring thaw launch time frame.

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