Michael Dell Debunks Rumors He Would Pull Dell Out of the PC Business

Michael Dell is in the midst of trying to take over the company he founded long ago, and if he succeeds in his bid, he'll take Dell private, giving himself complete control without having to answer to a board of directors or shareholders. He'll then be able to run the company however he sees fit, and with the market trending to mobile, some have surmised Michael would pull out of the PC market. Would he really do that?

Probably not. In case anyone was wondering where he stands, Michael stated in no uncertain terms at the Dell Solutions Summit in Beijing, China, that Dell will continue to build and sell PCs. Part of the reason why he doesn't want to abandon PCs is because of the large growth potential in emerging markets.

Dell XPS 27

The first quarter was a rough one for the PC industry, which as a whole saw sales decline in favor of tablets and smartphones. However, Dell was the only OEM seeing market share gains in the past two quarters combined, Michael pointed out. Going forward, he sees no reason why the company shouldn't continue to invest in PCs and tablets.

Before any of this comes to fruition, Michael has to successfully acquire Dell. Billionaire investor and Dell shareholder Carl Icahn has been doing everything in his power to prevent an outside sale, though after increasing his bid in exchange for revisions made to the voting process, it seems likely Michael will ultimately succeed in buying back the world's 3rd largest PC maker. A vote is scheduled to take place on September 12, 2013.