MetroPCS Admits That It's Talking With T-Mobile: A Carrier Match Made In Heaven?

My, how the tables have turned. It seems like ages ago when AT&T and T-Mobile were set to merge, and then, that fell all to pieces. But it seems as if T-Mobile just can't solder on as a solo outfit. This week, MetroPCS -- one of the larger prepaid carriers in America -- confirmed that they are in talks with T-Mobile's parent company (Deutsche Telekom). Why talk? Because there may be some sort of T-Mobile + MetroPCS tie-up in the near future. MetroPCS has been quick to point out that nothing has been nailed down just yet, but simply confirming the talks means that things are pretty well along. After all, both of these companies stand to lose a lot if this doesn't come together; it'll be particularly embarrassing for T-Mobile.

At this point, it's also pretty clear that Deutsche Telekom wants to wash its hands of T-Mobile USA, for whatever reason. And marrying T-Mobile with a major prepaid carrier that's already rolling out LTE makes a ton of sense; after all, T-Mobile is the last remaining postpaid carrier in the nation without an ongoing LTE network. Would you be willing to give T-Mobile a look if they expanded coverage courtesy of MetroPCS' network? Do you think the partnership would stand a better chance at getting the iPhone?