Metro: Last Light Game Trailer Looks To Be A Gorgeous, Action-Packed, Killer FPS

There are plenty of great game trailers out there, but the one that just hit YouTube for Metro: Last Light will really make your trigger finger itch. Great graphics are to be expected, but they’re nothing without compelling imagery, and this game has that in spades. Subway tunnels that make you feel claustrophobic? Check. Haunting wreckage that points to an end-of-the-world struggle? Got it. Monsters that make you wonder about the people who thought them up? You bet.

Image From Metro Last Light Trailer

Metro: Last Light, which has the tagline “Last Bullet. Last Breath. Last Chance.” is a first-person shooter that follows Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic story that takes place in Moscow. With the new game, it’s 2034, and things are somehow looking even grimmer for the human race. It’s time to wrap things up with the bad guys, and you’re going to have an array of weapons (but just barely enough ammo) to save, well, what's left of the world. That sounds like as good a justification as any for buying a new graphics card. After all, you don't want an outdated card to be the downfall of the human race, right?

By the way, THQ is offering Metro 2033 free to anyone who likes the game's Facebook page. You might as well download it and take it for a spin, as you have a bit of a wait for Metro: Last Light. It’s not expected to be available until March 2013.