Menlo Park City Council 'Likes' Facebook's Plans For Second Campus

Who says the economy is still rough in Northern California? Just months after Apple announced plans that it would soon be moving ahead with a second headquarters south of San Francisco, Facebook has now received the proper blessings to construct a second campus in Menlo Park, California. The secondary headquarters will be within walking distance of the first, reportedly "west of Bayfront Expressway, near its headquarters on the other side of the road." The city council voted 4-0 to let Facebook move forward, obviously its formal way of 'Liking' such a plan.

Based on early plans, the company is hoping to build an "exceptionally long 433,555-square-foot building designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry that features a rooftop park." In other words, not only will a lot of news feed changes go on here, but it'll look good as well.

Facebook has yet to reveal what sorts of designs and projects will go on at the new campus, but one thing's for sure: this thing ain't paying for itself, so you can expect plenty of ads and subtle pushes to get you to buy digital gifts for your friends on their birthdays.