Memo Touch Tablet Looks After The Elderly

Tablets are a dime a dozen these days, but Memo is doing something very different with their offering. Instead of just butting heads with the iPad, this new Memo Touch tablet acts a new memory assistant that helps seniors with short-term memory loss maintain their independence and age in their own home. Introduced today, the custom software which operates on an Android tablet allows family members to provide their aging parent or loved one with reminders to manage everyday activities even when they are miles away.

It's designed specifically for persons with memory loss and the people who care for them. Elders need no computer experience to use it. "If they can watch TV, they can use a Memo," says Memo co-founder Carrie Beia. Family members manage the information displayed on the Memo remotely from a companion caregiver website. They can add and update reminders from home, work, or wherever they have internet access. Memo meets the needs of the two million Americans age 75+ with short-term memory loss, which can have devastating effects on their ability to manage everyday activities. Missed appointments, forgotten medications, and chronic confusion often create difficulties for the elder as well as for their caregiver. Family members carry the burden of constant repetition, frequent interruptions, and disruption of work and family life coming to the assistance of their parent or loved one. For caregivers, Memo is a timesaver, alleviating the time-consuming calls and visits necessary to help their loved one stay on top of everyday activities. It helps relieve caregiver worry, guilt and stress.

Because access to the caregiver website can be shared among siblings, aides, assisted living staff, and other helpers, Memo facilitates communication and coordination of care. Everyone with access can see the messages, calendar items, to-do lists, and medications. It eliminates the additional responsibility typically placed on the primary caregiver to keep all interested parties informed.

It's always great to see technology used to better the lives of individuals, and while this one's certainly not cheap at $25/month, it's capable of providing fantastic peace of mind.
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